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From The Trading Desk
of Scott Branser:

Hello and welcome to Forex Trend Software.  We have created the best forex software on the market !!  Have you ever wondered why it is becoming more and more difficult to find a profitable and consistently winning Forex System nowadays?  Because most systems are only good for a short period of time and then you go on to lose all your profits (if any) and blow your account.   If you truly want the best Forex software with proven results, please answer these questions:

  • Are you tired of losing on trades that you were in profit only to watch it retrace for a LOSS?
  • Are you ready to start flooding your bank account DAILY with CONSISTENT WINS?
  • Are you still searching for a Forex System that shows you the REAL Forex Trend and EXACTLY when and where to enter?
  • Are you ready to start learning from a proven professional Forex Trader with over 15 years experience in the market?

If you answered YES to any of these questions, then Forex Trend Software is your answer!  What I am about to share with you will change the way you trade Forex forever:


Now You Can Enter A Trade With Confidence…
With Forex Trend Software!!

Here is the reason why.  You see, in order to be successful in trading Forex for a living, it requires two very important requirements:

  •  1.  A Forex  system that is easy to understand, yet profitable and CONSISTENT.
  •  2.  A trading plan that teaches you exactly how to maximize your wins and how to increase your profits on a daily basis.


Take a look at Forex Trend Software in action:

Best Forex Software


Best Forex Software


Best Forex Software

Forex Trend Software has NEVER had a losing month!!

Just Look At What Forex Trend
Software will do for you!

  • You’ll know when a proper trade set up is taking place and when to enter EXACTLY to maximize your profits!
  • You’ll learn proper money management with our Forex Software!
  • You’ll learn how to place stop loss and take profit levels that allow you to stay in a trade longer by trailing the profits.
  • You’ll get one on one coaching from a Real Pro Trader with over 15 years experience! (This alone is worth the purchase price!)
  • You’ll learn how to recognize a Forex Trend properly!
  • You’ll learn how to easily identify support and resistance levels which will keep you from entering bad trades!
  • You’ll learn how to make over $300.00 a day and many times much more than that just trading a couple pairs.
  • And a whole lot more…

But Wait A Minute – It Gets Even Better Because…
With Forex Trend Software:

  •  You will NOT be staring at your charts all day and night!
  •  You won’t need to use any tools like Forex Trend Lines, Fibonacci, or Wave Patterns.
  • You won’t have to try and figure out any ‘price action setups’ like: Pin Bars, Inside Bars, Outside Bars…etc.
  • You don’t need to know any technical chart patterns such as: Double Tops, Head and Shoulders…etc.
  • You will not have to draw a bunch of trend lines.
  • You will not be putting a bunch of indicators on your charts to clutter your mind and indecision on when to enter and exit a trade.
  • You won’t have try and figure out any complex setups because once you start trading with Forex Trend Software, you will see just how EASY it is to make a lot of money!!


 This is EXACTLY what all the other Forex systems FAIL to give you…. a COMPLETE action plan… so it totally gets rid of human emotions and leaves nothing to chance!!


Forex Trend

 Are You Ready To Start Making

Consistent $$$$ Right Now?

…and Be Your Own Boss While In The Comfort Of Your Own Home? Then…

Go Ahead And Secure Your Copy Now!!!

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Forex Trend Software

Forex System

Do You Have Some Questions About
Forex Trend Software?

I know you probably do … so here is the most
frequently asked questions to save you some time:


Q: I have never traded Forex before, can I use this trading system to make consistent returns on my investment?

A: Yes. Forex Trend Software is easy to set up and trade. So easy a 7yr old can do it!

Q: Does your product come with email support?

A: Yes.  We take great pride in offering excellent customer service and usually can get back to you within a couple hours.

Q:Is it easy to install?

A: Yes it is a very simple process. Our detailed manual explains everything with pictures step by step!

Q: Can this be used anywhere in the world?

A: Yes

Q:  Can I use it on a 5 digit broker?

A: Yes! And it will work on an ECN as well.

Q: Does it come with a money back guaranty?

A: Yes, 100% money back guaranty! Please see details above.

Q. Do I need to purchase any additional items or indicators to make money?

A. No, Everything you need to make money with our system comes with the course.

Q. Is Forex Trend Software a Robot or EA?

A. No, Forex robots and EA’s don’t work and Forex Trend Software has been tested for over 5 YEARS with no losing months ever since!

Q. Will it work on all currency pairs?

A. Yes, it will work on different currency pairs, but the best pairs to trade it on are the 6 majors.

Q. What is the learning curve to master Forex Trend Software?

A. Most can learn the system in a few hours if that!

Q. Does the System work on Trade Station or Ninja Trader?

A. No, it’s for Meta Trader 4 only.

Q.What time frames does Forex Trend Software run on?

A. It runs on the 1 hour time frame


To your success,



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